Industry Certification Scholarships

Department of Computer Science and Information Technology

Scholarship Description

Industry Certification Scholarships pay for industry certification exam fees. CSIT degree seeking students who are ready to take industry certification exams such as CompTIA (A+ Essentials, Network+, Security+), Microsoft MCP, Microsoft Certified Application Specialist (MCAS), Oracle, Linux, etc. may be eligible for assistance through this grant-funded scholarship. Students with financial need and excellent academic standing are encouraged to apply.

Recipients of Industry Certification Scholarships must take their industry certification exam within 60 days of being awarded the scholarship. Failure to register and take the exam within 60 days forfeits the scholarship. Details on how to register for industry certification exams will be included in the scholarship award letter.

Scholarship Application Process/Deadlines

  1. Complete an Online Application, including the essay. Provide a short essay (under 50 words) that states how this scholarship/certification will help you.
  2. In a envelope labeled with your name, submit the following items to Cyndia Hinton, CSIT Program Manager in B116:

Applications are accepted

Scholarship Requirements

  1. Enrolled in a CSIT degree-seeking program (AAS or Certificate)
  2. Enrollment in or successful completion of the CSIT course(s) that prepare you for this industry certification exam.
  3. Must successfully complete pre-test or other test preparation for this exam (if applicable).